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Have you considered the advantages of hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring will be a welcomed addition for homeowners who appreciate the peace of mind that comes from a long lifespan. When professionally installed and regularly maintained, these floors could easily last more than 100 years, maintaining their integrity and beauty down through the years. We want to tell you more about what you might gain from a hardwood installation in your home, so read along for facts that could help you make a more informed decision for your home today.

Wood floors could be your perfect remodeling addition

The extensive lifespan of hardwood flooring makes it a perfect choice for homeowners who might never want to shop for flooring again. But more than that, the performance you'll receive is a welcomed benefit as well. Extensive durability and the option to customize wood floors however you see fit allows you to craft the flooring experience you've always dreamed of and so much more.

Part of that customization is choosing a species that caters to your lifestyle. The fact is, busy homes require a harder species, which protects you longer from daily wear. The result is flooring that looks better, especially over time, and continues to give, especially after refinishing.

Customization also helps create the perfect décor match, with a stain color, texture, width, and installation layouts. There are nearly endless options that allow you to put trendy floors to work in your home, from room to room. And once wear finally begins to show through, refinishing strips away all those years of wear and allows you to add a new stain color and finish type, with the option to use brand new colors and textures while you're at it.

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